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Counseling, Assessment, & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Effective Mental Health Care in New England

Welcome to the Behavioral Wellness Clinic (BWC). We are located in Tolland, Connecticut, 10 minutes from the University of Connecticut (UConn), 20 minutes from Hartford, and a little over an hour from Boston. We are close to Eastern Connecticut, greater New England, and we offer effective online therapy to numerous other states and countries as well.

BWC is a group of caring clinicians ready to help you using a combination of scientifically-proven treatment approaches, clinical expertise, and genuine concern for your well-being. We strive to use our knowledge and counseling skills to join you in your journey to overcome barriers in life that cause difficulty and distress. Throughout this process, we respect your priorities, cultural background, values, religious faith, and life goals.

Our clinic also has a considerable amount of expertise in some of the most pressing mental health concerns.

Your First Step to Wellness

Behavioral Wellness Clinic clinicians are a team of psychotherapists and mental health professionals practicing at a professional facility in Tolland, Connecticut. Each clinician specializes in several different areas of counseling and mental health care, maintaining the highest professional standards. We can help you decide which therapist would be the best fit for your needs.

BWC therapists have a cognitive-behavioral orientation, which means they tend take an active approach to treatment. Therapists use proven techniques to facilite progress and help clients meet individual goals. It is important to us that clients understand how therapy will help them and what to expect. Our therapists will take time to explain their conceptualization of the problem and how treatment will work for you.

Anyone struggling with anxiety, phobias, traumatic memories, OCD, PTSD, or related conditions can benefit from the services of BWC therapists. Additionally, individuals seeking counseling for interpersonal issues may experience positive changes in their intimacy, communication, and other obstacles that may interfere with relationships.

We Care About You

At the Behavioral Wellness Clinic, our practice of psychology necessarily aims to reduce suffering in clear and measurable ways. This means that evidence-based interventions are used by our therapists to target specific symptoms and alleviate distress. However, for us psychotherapy is about more than reducing symptoms and improving functioning. It's about more than using evidence-based therapies to treat mental disorders. At the Behavioral Wellness Clinic, psychotherapy is about caring for people — past the point of simple symptom-reduction. At the heart of it, psychotherapy is a human relationship: one person showing sincere and skillful care for another. For us, it's about being a person in the room, someone who has your undivided care and attention, and someone to walk with you through the crisis to the other side.

Our Specialty Services

New England OCD Institute

Work with international experts to find relief for these distressing conditions using effective short-term treatments for obsessive-compulsive and related disorders. Treatment is provided for all types of OCD, including unwanted sexual thoughts. We also treat hoarding, compulsive hair-pulling, tic disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, and illness anxiety.

Racial Trauma Clinic

We offer expert evaluations and treatment for traumatization resulting from discrimination. We provide culturally-informed approaches to help you get better and feel more empowered in managing stress and triggers in the workplace. This includes a focus on culturally-informed approaches for people from oppressed, marginalized, and stigmatized groups, including those with intersectional identities.

Online Therapy Worldwide

High quality mental health care and counseling services are not widely available, especially in rural and underserved communities. Learn about online therapy as an option for your unique needs. We can treat people in most US states and all foreign countries.

Services Offered

  • Treatment for adults, adolescents, and children
  • Couples and family therapy
  • Testing and assessment
  • Accommodations for school and tests (SAT, LSAT, GRE, etc.)
  • Intensive outpatient program treatment (IOP)
  • Evaluations for court and legal purposes
  • Low-cost treatment options
  • Online therapy
  • Medication consultation
  • Mental health trainings and workshops
  • Plant medicine workshops

Expert Therapies


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